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Our Coffee

Our coffee is made from 40% Arabica and 60% Washed Indian Robusta.  It is a medium roast coffee which gets the best profile of a great creamy shot of espresso.

Our coffee has won 2 gold star awards at the 2020 taste awards – WOW!

What Is Coffee Roasting?

Coffee Roasting is the process of turning green beans into roasted coffee.

How Long does it take?

The process of roasting coffee is simple, use heat to roast a green coffee beans in the burner room of the roasting machine. Roasting times may vary, depending on the method and batch size, but you can expect the process to last between 10-12 minutes for smaller batches and between 15-20 minutes for larger batches. There are many ways to roast coffee.

What is the temperature to roast a coffee?

First Crack – is marking the beginning of light roast

Light roast 180° C – 205° C

Medium Roast 210° C – 220° C

Dark Roast 240° C – 250° C

(Roasting Temperature, time and type of beans, are all important factors of the coffee taste & aroma)

What is a Roast Profile?

It is a flavour characteristics or soundthat is unique for a Brand/Coffee.

After roasting, cooling begins (the beans are put on the cooling tray for fast cooling).

What happens next?

Once the coffee has cooled down the packaging process begins.

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